The Best Wine Openers and Corkscrews

Having an amazing wine opener is something you don’t realize you need until you have one! That was what happened to me, I suffered with a cheap one for years until I decided I wanted to make my life easier.

Behold, my pick for the best wine openers and corkscrews I found!

For as long as wine was stored in jugs and stoppered with oil cloth and bits of wood, there was no need for a specialized opener.

But in the 17th century, as bottles sealed with cork became more common, corkscrews did too. Collectors say that very early versions of the tool were derived from military kits; soldiers used screw shaped “gun worms” to pull misfired musket balls from the barrels of their guns. They would drill into the lead and drag the ammunition up and out.

The first corkscrews were small and portable, often nothing more than the worm (the screw itself) and a small ring for pulling with your finger.

But by the 18th century people came to recognize the advantages of aging wine, and bottles were regularized in a long-neck, cylindrical shape suited for long term repository. The new attention on shelf life warranted a better cork and thus a better corkscrew.

In 1795, an Oxford don named Samuel Henshall patented a better design corkscrew

Stronger worms and stronger devices were needed because the corks themselves were getting bigger and more tightly stuck. In 1795, an Oxford don named Samuel Henshall patented a better design. Like other corkscrews of the time, the wooden handle of his corkscrew had a brush at one end for dusting the dirt from vintage bottles. But he also incorporated a small, concave cap at the top of the worm, which limited how far down into the cork the screw could drill. Once it reached its limit, further twists of the handle would twirl the cork itself, which aided the stopper from the bottle.

Many researchers concur that it was a good corkscrew but probably a stolen idea. While Henshall was the first to patent the concave cap, a Dublin cutler named Thomas Read seems to have made a similar device (called the coaxer) as early as the 1770s. Offshoots of the design would be produced for about a century.

The next consequential patent came in 1802, when a Birmingham inventor named Edward Thomason came up with a way to extricate a cork by means of steady turning in one direction. His idea was to embed one screw inside another, with threads going in opposite directions. When you rotated the handler, the inner screw plunged into the cork and stopped as soon as the outer screw gripped, pulling the corkscrew upward.

The Waiter’s Friend

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Thomason’s proficient mechanism stimulated further creations. The “concertina corkscrew,” credited to the Englishman Marshall Wier in 1884, had a folding set of levers overlapping the screw like an accordion. The cork would be removed by pulling these open with a ring. (The Zig Zag, a more famous French rendition of this arrangement, was introduced in the 1920s.) Around the same time, a German named Karl Wienke invented what was later called the “waiter’s friend.” This was a folding, pocket corkscrew in which the handle can be braced against a bottle’s mouth for leverage. (These are still used in restaurants.)

In 1930, Dominick Rosati patented the now familiar double lever, rack and pinion type, whereby screwing down into the cork raised a pair of arms that could then be used for pulling. And, in 1979, a Houston oil engineer named Herbert Allen (in his 70s) created a Screwpull, a very stylish device with a lean, Teflon-coated screw. Allen also patented a lever-pull corkscrew: pushing the lever down, up, then down again removed the cork from a bottle and released it off the screw.

For all known designs, however, many others remain opaque….perhaps because they never really worked so well. In researching this article I looked over numerous patented designs and shook my head. My thoughts were: why would that one work? More specifically, why would anyone have manufactured it?

My Search For The Best Corkscrew

But that was then and this is now. As a lover of the grape I decided to search for the best corkscrews. I approached all with a series of questions:

  • Do I easily understand how this corkscrew works simply by looking at it?
  • Is it unwieldy or difficult to use?
  • Does it have a relaxing grip?
  • Can it effectively carry out all steps involved, or are further parts needed?
  • How easily does it extract and does it induce any visible damage to the cork in the process?
  • How long does it take me to open a bottle?

With this in mind I made a quick list of what I needed to look for when choosing the best corkscrew:

  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • High quality materials
  • Polished design
  • Efficient
  • Quick and mess free uncorking


(in no particular order)

Gitko Wine Opener & Waiters Corkscrew

For those looking for a double-hinged corkscrew, this is your solution. Gitko’s all-in-one stainless steel corkscrew will become your best friend in the kitchen.

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This corkscrew is perfectly designed to perform multiple functions. The snug, all-in-one unit can be used as a wine corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil cutter.

This is a heavy duty corkscrew that is also ideal for a fast paced work environment to make short work of opening any type bottle with a cork or metal cap. It’s durable, high-quality, comfortable Rosewood handle makes it a very reliable and efficient wine opener. Backed by a lifetime guarantee. Ideal gift.

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Prestige Waiters Corkscrew by Courale Sommelier

A premium choice, this corkscrew spotlights a spring-loaded, double lever that allows you to easily and quickly open your wine bottle.

Constructed with a combination of superior-quality stainless steel and natural wood, it’s not only incredibly functional but impressively stylish.

The stainless steel and grooved worm were designed to produce more friction to allow for a fluid and trouble free pulling of the cork. It also features a serrated knife that allows for a thorough and even dispersal of the wine bottle’s foil.

If you want to spend less time removing the cork and more time enjoying your wine this is a great choice.

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Metrokane Houdini Corkscrew with Foil Cutter Extra Spiral

This corkscrew has worldwide popularity due to its premium design. If you struggle to open wine bottles, you will enjoy this opener. Its cutting-edge corkscrew design drills and secures almost any cork. It is great for home or restaurant use. This corkscrew can stand a lot of abuse. With most corkscrews, breakages are common. They can also wobble and lose their efficiency over time. The Houdini has been tested to withstand up to 20,000 cork pulls. It is a durable product with hardened metallic gears and heavy-duty handles.

This is a professional grade product that will also ease your home entertaining.

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OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

Thanks to its heavy-duty, convenient design, the OXO removes the cork with two simple motions in just a few seconds. Ideal for removing natural and synthetic corks, this corkscrew is constructed with a die-cast zinc handle with a textured, non-slip grip that enhances the leverage giving you a better grip and control.

It also features a non-stick screw that smoothly and easily glides into the cork offering no resistance and making removing it trouble free. Despite its tight grip, there’s no need to worry about how to release the corkscrew as a single pump of the lever will automatically release it.

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Included in the pack is an extra non-stick screw for longer use and a removable foil cutter.

This is a quick and easy way to open a wine bottle with minimal force and effort.

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Hi Coup Wine Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

This is the world’s most popular wine opener design. This sturdy and classic style bottle opener feels “right” in your hand and does not look out of place if placed on a table.

It’s a cost effective corkscrew and efficient. It is simple to use: simply place the corkscrew over the bottle, twist the handle to insert the worm into the cork, and then press the opener’s wings down when they rise to extract the cork. A coated screw glides smoothly and a stopper prevents cork breakage.

A versatile tool that pulls double duty as a bottle opener. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Barvivo Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew

If you’re looking for something both heavy duty and wallet friendly then this is a solid choice. It has a double-hinged fulcrum which allows for the removal of the most breakable and obstinate corks.

Despite its durable construction it was designed to be small and compact thus not taking up much space so you can bring it wherever you want. It is great for outings or picnics when you want to open a bottle of wine.

Made from quality stainless steel with a wood handle, this corkscrew was built to last. The all-in-one multitool also includes a serrated foil cutter and a bottle cap opener.

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Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener

If you have difficulty with manual corkscrews this wine opener can be the perfect alternative.

Compatible with most wine bottle sizes, this rechargeable electric corkscrew can remove corks (even the most difficult) in a few seconds with a simple press of a button.

It can open 30 bottles on a single charge, ideal for parties and small gatherings. It is designed to be small and compact enough to store easily without taking up too much space.

It features a sophisticated and burnished modern design with an LED light and a solid and durable outer casing. It makes an impeccable gift for the wine lovers in your life.

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Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Another electric opener that efficiently removes corks in seconds. Can open 30 bottles on a single charge with a single push of a button. To recharge, just place it back on its base and it will recharge for your next use. The package also includes a foil cutter for removing the foil on wine bottles.

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It features a soft grip handle that makes it inviting and easy to use, allowing you to hold it securely while it opens your wine bottles.

It’s very stylish, modern, and pleasing to the eye yet provides exemplary utilitarian use.

Never be frustrated by opening a wine bottle with this efficient tool.

Rabbit Original Vertical Lever Corkscrew

As you can see, corkscrews come in many shapes and sizes. If you are looking for an ultra-deluxe one that will serve you for years, this vertical rabbit corkscrew is your consummate choice.

Its protean design drills and pulls corks from most types of wine bottles in one swift motion.

Made of stainless steel, it is a durable product. The risk of breaking is miniscule. Rust and corrosion are non-issues. Its polished surface is not only smooth but pleasant to handle.

The vertical corkscrew is efficient and you will not struggle to extract most types of corks. It will pull your corks swiftly and release immediately after opening.

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True Twister: Easy Corkscrew Turn Key Bar Accessory Wine Bottle Opener

Are you looking for a commercial grade corkscrew? Do you want more leverage?

This is a reliable tool that is comfortable in a restaurant or a home.

Features a self-pulling corkscrew for effortless bottle opening. It pushes the extracted cork back off the screw without damaging the cork. It opens all types of corks including synthetic. Works on any size wine bottle.

The corkscrew is stylish yet all business with its black and chrome look. The easy, self-centering, non-stick cork screw is joy to use.

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Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

A lever pull design goes a long way towards making bottle opening simple and trouble free. It also has an extra long handle with a user-friendly grip that not only provides its users with greater leverage (to open both natural and synthetic corks) but also a pleasing grip on the handle.

Brookstone products are known for their high quality and precise craftsmanship and this opener lives up to both of those attributes.

It is compact enough for easy storage and secures safely on to any wine bottle for easy cork removal.

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If you want quick and efficient cork removing you can’t go wrong with this corkscrew.

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Le Creuset Pocket Model Wine Opener

Featuring a self-pulling design and a rotating handle, the Le Creuset pocket model is your ideal travel corkscrew that is light in weight and convenient to use.

This corkscrew features a knife, a bottle opener, and cork remover in one easy to use tool. It places an entire wine system in your hands and can easily become the do-it-all small tool for your home bar.

Constructed with a smooth, stylish shape it comes equipped with soft-touch panels that provide a comfortable grip and hold. The multi-use design features a retractable, stainless steel foil cutter and bottle opener. Designed with a tasteful black finish it measures just 7”x6.5”x7 ⅔ and even folds for easier storage.

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Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener

This is not simply a wine opener as it also features a wine pourer and stopper. European inspired, it features a distinctive lucent shell that is illuminated by a soft blue LED light; a light that indicates when it’s in use or being recharged.

It can remove both natural and synthetic corks and has the capacity to remove up to 60 corks on a single charge, all at the push of a button. It also features a removable lid that can be converted into a foil cutter, allowing you to easily store it when not in use.

Other features include an ergonomic grip and its ability to stand upright without the need of a base stand.

This cordless wine opener is an elegant and sophisticated way to automate the opening of your wine bottles.

While it can be difficult to determine which is the best corkscrew to meet your needs, especially with the various options available on the market, you can do it by considering the factors we listed earlier in this review.

Every wine opener on the list made the cut (30 were examined) because they met the threshold of being durable, well-designed, effective, and easy to use. So, whether you choose something compact, like a waiter’s corkscrew, or a larger model, like the electric wine openers, you will not be disappointed with any wine opener on this list. Be ready for some convenient and effortless wine opening. Enjoy your wine!

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