The Best Valentine’s Gift for Your Wife – Updated For 2022 No Fail Guide!

Your 2022 Guide to a No-Fail Valentine’s Gift for Your Wife
(Including some budget-friendly valentine ideas)

Feeling like you’ve just gotten off of Christmas gift duty? Is the looming of Valentine’s Day on the calendar causing you heart palpitations? And NOT in a good way? Have you had some bad gifting experiences from Valentine’s Days past? Well, not this year! We’ve got you covered! Here’s our list (from experience!!) of some No-Fail Valentine’s gifts for your wife.

Valentines Date Ideas

Date Night Box Subscription

This will require a little thought on your part, but it’ll be completely worth the effort! Box subscriptions are the latest thing. Use that to your advantage! Your wife wants to spend time with you! Let her know that YOU want to spend time with HER, too! You can either box up individually, or put 12 different envelopes in a single wrapped box…but the idea here is that you come up with 12 different date ideas for each month of the year. Label each box/envelope with the month so that she can open each one individually and happily anticipate the next one. Think through seasonal ideas with each month, for example, something out-of-this-world spectacular for your anniversary month, and maybe a Christmas play or Nutcracker tickets for December.

“On a budget – None of these dates have to be expensive. If you guys are on a budget, these dates can be budget-friendly, too.”

The key to this gift (and most of them on the list) is thought! She’ll be delighted to know that you’ve thought of so many special date nights….and that you want to continue to date her forever!

On a budget – None of these dates have to be expensive. If you guys are on a budget, these dates can be budget-friendly, too. Pack a picnic dinner on the beach for a summer month. Drive around to see Christmas lights and have hot cocoa for December (because, honestly, everyone is usually on a budget in December!). Try to splurge on your anniversary month if you can.

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Need some more Date Night Box ideas? Check out this handy how to from The Dating Divas.

What To get Her For Valentines Day?

Monthly Box Subscription

Did I mention that box subscriptions are the latest thing?? Here’s another idea for a way to remind your wife (every.single.month) that you love her. Subscription box mania can benefit you because there are so many different choices!

However, the key to this gift (again) is to put a lot of thought into it! You know your wife better than I do. Would she like a subscription for exotic fruits every month? How about exotic orchids every month? How about old-school rock band t-shirts every month? Some funky bar t-shirts? Beauty supplies? Art supplies? Books?

There are so many options! Just think about what your wife loves or is passionate about, and then hit the internet. I’m sure there’s a subscription box to suit her. She’ll be thankful that you know her so well. And then she’ll remember how much you love her (every.single.month!)

Romantic Gift ideas For Valentines Day

Mini-Vacation Package

Here’s a no brainer that ANY wife would be delighted to receive. And I mean, over the moon! Life is busy and hectic for everyone these days. Let your Valentine gift this year be some time away with your wife to reconnect. We all get swamped and distracted at times, but I can’t stress enough the importance of time alone (and away!) with your spouse. It can really be the key to a happy marriage…especially the more busy and hectic life gets!

I won’t be able to think through all the details for you….but I do need YOU to! Do all of the planning that you are able to. Get the hotel, get airline tickets (if needed), look up some restaurant ideas, look up some activities to do while you’re there.

Most importantly, secure a babysitter if you need one!!! This will be huge! Call your mom, or her mom, or the sitter you usually use to find out how much it would be for a weekend or an overnight. She will be so happy that you’ve thought of everything.

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“We all get swamped and distracted at times, but I can’t stress enough the importance of time alone (and away!) with your spouse!”

On a budget – Don’t put this one out of the realm of possibility if you’re on a budget! If you don’t have free childcare from family members, how about her sweetest friend? Swap out weekends and offer to take their kids for a night if they’ll do the same for you.

Staying local will avoid the cost of gas or airfare, but you can still have the feeling of “getting away.” Packages can be pricey, but you can get a simple room for a night relatively inexpensively – especially in the Lowcountry during the off-season! You can even use BOGO free dinner coupons! You might need to be a bit more creative, but there IS a way to do an overnight on a budget, ….and she’ll be thankful you did!

Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Mini-Spa Package

Again, in the world we live in, where life is hectic and busy and seemingly non-stop, here’s a way to pamper your wife and treat her like a queen! She deserves it! Now, this one may not be for you if your wife already goes to the spa on a regular basis, but this is definitely for you if this isn’t something that she typically does, and if her life does seem overwhelming at times, and if you think it would make her feel like royalty!

Not sure which services to include? Do some research, make some phone calls, talk to different day spas. Again, think about your wife and what she might want! I do NOT simply want you to get her a spa gift card!! I want you to make the appointment for her, and (if necessary) clear the calendar so that you can have the children for the day. She’ll feel pampered and gorgeous, maybe you could include taking her out for dinner afterwards!

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“Not sure which services to include? Do some research, make some phone calls, talk to different day spas.”

On a budget – This is more difficult, but not impossible. The key to the spa experience is pampering! Is there a way you could pamper her at home? Purchase some of her favorite body lotion and bubble bath and nail polish. Draw a bath and light scented candles for her. Put on some music and take care of putting the children to bed for her. This is not the most ideal budget-friendly option on the list, but if you feel like this is really something that your wife would love, then be creative!

Are you here in the Lowcountry? Make sure to visit Hilton Head Island Spa for a customized spa treatment!

House Cleaning Services

Maybe this doesn’t seem romantic to you, but I assure you, with the right intentions, it truly can be a wonderful gift. I guess I land back at hectic and busy again, but is your wife overwhelmed by the amount of work she has to do? Would she be ecstatic if one of the many things that she has to do is taken off of her plate? Then this might be one for you.

There are lots of things that a bustling wife needs to do the only she can handle….however, house cleaning usually isn’t one of them! Your options here are to either get a top-to-bottom whole house clean, or (if you want to go all out) to wrap up the surprise that you’ve budgeted for house cleaning services for the entire year! Go for it!

“Would she be ecstatic if one of the many things that she has to do is taken off of her plate?”

On a budget – This will involve a little elbow grease, but if a house cleaner is not in your budget, you can be Mr. Clean! If this is your wife’s love language, get out the sponges and cleaning fluids and have at it! A clean house is definitely a gift to the on-the-go wife.

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Looking for a Cleaning Company to make this an easy gift? Check out Maid For You, our top local choice!

Top Valentines Gifts For Her

Photography Session

When was the last time you had photographs taken with your wife? Aside from selfies, was it your wedding?? It might be time to update some pictures on the wall! This Valentine’s Day, get your wife a photo shoot for just the two of you.

Talk to a local photographer about some romantic settings, get dressed up and look fabulous, and have a fantastic time in front of the camera! It’ll remind you of your wedding! And the best part about this gift is the end result. Be sure to have your favorites printed and hung on the wall to remind you two lovebirds of how amazing your love is!

If you don’t want to leave your pictures to chance, you need Silly Goose Photography! They have done all our family pics forever!

Well, that’s your no-fail Valentine’s guide for 2020. I hope you’ve gotten some ideas for your wonderful wife. With all of these gifts, feel free to add in the traditional flowers or chocolates if your wife would appreciate it. The tradition of sending love letters comes from St. Valentine himself, who sent loving and encouraging letters to his fellow Christians in prison. That being said, every wife would appreciate a love letter, be sure to include one of those….no matter which amazing gift you decide on.

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