The Best Painters In Columbia, SC

Looking for the best painting contractors in Columbia, SC? Don’t worry, we found them!

We did the legwork, the digging, and the research for Columbia, S.C.And we found what we consider to be three best paint companies. Our process included everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputations, history, complaints, cost, work, and more. After some rigorous work, these are our picks in a ranked order and the winners of our Award of Excellence for 2021

#1  Palmetto Paint Plus, LLC

Our take: Customer satisfaction is their motivation to fulfill their work with trustworthiness, promptness, and reliability. They have top-notch quality backed by their commitment to being done on time and within budget. Their goal is for their customers to be excited about the results of their work and to enjoy a customer experience that is second to none. Palmetto Paint Plus crews are highly experienced and managed while providing you the highest quality of craftsmanship. They also offer a free, no-obligation estimate.

Services:  Residential, Commercial, Office, Interior, Exterior, Deck and Fence Staining and Painting, and Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Palmetto Paint Plus, LLC
1179 Owens Road
(803) 612-9450

#2  Capital City, LLC

Our take: Well known in the area for providing customers with high quality work. Their past clients will tell you that they received only the finest and speediest services backed up by a long-standing company name and dedication to integrity. They work with trusted suppliers to ensure that you receive the highest quality result.

Services: Residential, Exterior, Interior, Deck and Fence Staining, Power Washing, Wallpaper and Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Capital City Painting, LLC
55 Peyton Road
(803) 743-2475

#3 Paint Pros, LLC

Our take: Local, family-owned company since 2007. Their mission is to go above and beyond your expectations to provide you with the best painting experience possible at a reasonable price. They have developed a reputation for detail and exceptional customer service. Free estimates.

Services: Residential, Exterior, Interior, Pressure Washing and Cleaning, Painting, Repair and Patching

Paint Pros, LLC
146 Greenmill Road
(803) 754-3353

Should You Paint Your Own House?

Your house needs to be painted. It’s a monumental task without the skill set and tools that are required. Now here’s the big decision: do you want to do it yourself, or hire a professional?

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The benefits of painting yourself are obvious. It’s cheaper (or at least you think so). It’s a free workout. You get to brag to all your neighbors, “I painted this myself!” While we agree these are great benefits, there are also reasons why it makes sense to hire a professional painter. Here are reasons why you might want to have a professional painter for your house.


Do not make the mistake of underestimating the amount of time this project will take. Remember, it takes twice as long to prep the house as it does to actually paint it. Professionals work quickly in teams through the preparation and painting. They have experience that lets them move from one project to the next. They also have all the tools to make the job go smoother. That means less trips to the hardware store eating up time. With this information, take into consideration the time you’d be saving by hiring a pro.


Because professional painters have experience dealing with homes and paint jobs, they will be able to identify any underlying issues you may be facing with your painting. A simple crack or old caulking is a fast fix for them that will make your paint hold up better in the long run. Professionals will have tools available to immediately correct problems. This will make the quality of work turn out better and last longer. So by hiring professionals you could be extending the life of the paint.


Painters have the luxury of working on projects daily, giving them an eye for details that could make or break your job. Using their hours of hands on experience, they will be able to turn out a job of distinction. Little things like a line that’s slightly off or a ding that wasn’t repaired will be taken care of prior to completion of work to give you an impeccable finished project.


Career painters have learned ways to get the best outcome on a job in the least amount of time. They are efficient in their work yet still turn out a beautiful project. Plus, because they are hired, there is no errand or family duty that interrupts their work. Because of this they can usually complete a project much faster than you might be able to.


Licensed paint contractors carry insurance that will save you heartache in the long run. Should something happen while they are working the painters will be able to correct it, or cover the damage with insurance. This can give you peace of mind knowing any potential problems will be mitigated.

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A painting project can require a cart full of tools, as any big box store will tell you. Between safety gear, painting items, cleaning items, wall repair items, and (finally) paint, you’re looking at a fairly hefty investment just to do the job yourself. Adding up the tools necessary, combined with the time used to get them and do the work, you probably will be saving money to have a pro. They come with their own tools after all.

Where To Find A Painter

Now that you decided to hire a professional painting company, where do you find one?

The devil’s in the details because, like most things, all painters are not equal. Some could do a sloppy job, get paint on your personal belongings, show up late, or ghost the job altogether. The key is to find vetted house painters who are popular among people and professionals you trust. We are going to give you some tips on how to find a reliable paint company in your area and, finally, we did all the work for you in Columbia, SC. See our picks for the three best house painters in Soda City.

Hunt Down a Good House Painter Referral

First, try to get a referral from someone you know and trust. Bug friends and family for names of painters they’ve used and loved. This is a solid way to find a great painter, as you can go and inspect the work in person and discuss with your friend or family member about the quality of the job and service.

The Internet Can be Helpful

If you absolutely can’t find a good recommendation from anyone, the following are excellent online sources for finding trusted professionals:

  • Houzz – has over 1.5 million home professionals. Just customize your search for house painters that suit your needs and location
  • Angie’s list – an expert source of verified reviews and ratings in hundreds of categories
  • Yelp – a top review site
  • Nextdoor – a private social network where you can get candid reviews from your neighbors
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Here are some good rules of thumb for dissecting online reviews.

A few negative reviews should not necessarily be a deal breaker

It’s normal for a company to have one or two less-than-perfect reviews. In fact, it probably means that they’re not posting fake reviews or spending an inordinate amount of time on reputation management. However, if most of the reviews lean negative and seem legitimate, steer clear.

Give more weight to the reviews if the company has a lot of them

The larger the sample size, the smaller the margin of error. More reviews usually means you’re getting a more accurate gauge of a company.

Look for anecdotes and photos

The most dedicated reviews won’t just say, “Steve the house painter did a great job.” They will explain why and even provide pictures as proof. That kind of review is what you’re looking for. If someone has taken the time to be specific it’s because the painter really stood out.

A Personal Referral from a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents will have vetted painters in your area over the years, and usually in many different houses. They can be in a position to tell you which companies are committed to a high level of professionalism. Chat with a real estate agent, especially if you recently purchased the house or are getting ready to sell it.

Do a Walk Around

If you can’t find house painters you’re happy to hire, walk around your neighborhood to see if any homes near you are getting a paint job. If you like the job, jot down the number of the company (it should be posted somewhere) or ask a painter, if present, for a card. Then go online and research the company and make sure it’s a good fit.

Get an Estimate

Once you have some referrals you’ll want to get an estimate for your project. Your home has a different floor plan, square footage, and design elements from any other house so the estimate will be specific to you. To get a quote, talk to the house painters you’re considering. They should want to do a walkthrough of your home and get square footage information.

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Check References and Interview House Painting Companies

The first thing you should do once you have a referral is search for the company on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB makes sure that businesses are trustworthy, legitimate, and uphold a high level of customer satisfaction.

People can file complaints against companies on the BBB’s website and give the company a rating and review. You will also see a rating for the company that’s based on 13 different factors.

You should always check the BBB, even if a company has 5 stars on a site like Yelp. The BBB rates different factors than consumers do, and if you don’t check BBB you could end up with a company top rated in Yelp but a mediocre rating with the BBB.

Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor

House Painter Interview Questions to Ask Family/Friends.Agents/Past Clients

Here is a shortlist of questions to ask:

  • Did the painters consistently show up on time?
  • Did they stick to the time frame they quoted you?
  • What was their prep process like? Did they cover your landscaping, car, outdoor furniture, etc., before painting? Or your furniture, appliances, etc., for an interior job? Did they properly tape to ensure few mistakes and precise lines?
  • How did they clean up the job? Did they leave any old paint chips scattered around your property? How did they dispose of paint? Did any of it end up in your drains?
  • Were they tidy? Did they do a thorough clean up at the end of the day?
  • Were they friendly, accommodating, and respectful to you?
  • Did they give you the opportunity to walk around the house and check their work? Did they fix anything you did not like?
  • Did they meet your expectations in terms of quality of work, diligence, commitment to the project, and the overall experience?

Make Sure the Painters are Licensed

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Painting licenses vary state by state. You can find a complete list of licensing requirements for every state from Angie’s List. Take a look at your state. This will give you a good idea of everything the company had to do to obtain a license. To find out if the company you’re interested in is licensed, ask for its license or find it on their website.

Evaluate the Quality of Work Before You Sign a Contract

As you interview potential house painters, you’ll want to evaluate their quality of work before you decide to go with them. You can:

  • Ask for addresses of homes that the painting company has done (exteriors only) and do a drive-by to look at the homes in person
  • Ask for a lookbook of homes in your area that give detailed views of interior shots
  • Search online reviews for photos
  • Ask a real estate agent to see listing photos of homes painted by contractors they trust

Obtain a Contract and Ask for a Guarantee

Yes, you need a formal contract when you finally select the right painter for your job. The contract protects both of you and ensures you get exactly what you paid for.

Your contract needs to include:

  1. The cost of the job
  2. The type of paint to be used, right down to the shade
  3. How long the job will take
  4. A supplies list

Your contract also needs to contain specifics as to prep work. This should include drop cloths, taping, power washing, priming, and sanding down surfaces prior to painting.

You should also include clean-up procedures. Outline what will happen if the painters make a mistake and wet paint or old paint chips end up anywhere they shouldn’t. You should also include how you want the painters to dispose of their materials.

Last, of all make sure the contract specifies some sort of guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the paint job within a certain amount of time, the painters should come and fix it for free (and, again, make sure they have insurance).

If you follow our guidelines you will be on your way to a beautiful, quality paint job that you will admire and enjoy for many years.

Blair Witkowski
Author: Blair Witkowski

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