The Best Fishing Charters On Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island is one of the most popular summertime tourist destinations on the east coast but it offers year round fishing for both inshore and offshore species.

In fact, many believe Hilton Head Island offers the best fishing on the Atlantic coast. While you can fish these waters on your own, hiring a reputable charter will amplify your experience and give you access to the best fishing areas. Depending on season and availability you can target redfish, flounder, black drum, and spotted sea trout inshore. You can also head offshore in search of cobra, sharks, bluefish, and mackerel. 

As our guide here on choosing the best fishing charters pointed out, finding the best charter service can be challenging and you do need to do your homework. But if you’re looking for the Best Fishing Charters on Hilton Head Island, you are in luck. We’ve done all the homework and heavy lifting and found the ideal charters for a great day of fishing. These are the best of the best

Reel Job Fishing Charters

If you are looking for a great fishing charter out of Hilton Head Island then check out Reel Job, you will not be disappointed. Captains Brad Jureka and Bill Savidge are determined to put you on the best bite in local waters and help you make great memories. Their 25’ Pursuit can accommodate up to six fishermen comfortably. Whether you are interested in inshore species or want to head out further from land, this is a great charter option for you. All tackle is provided and the fish are cleaned and fileted at the dock after your trip is over.

Reel Job Charter Fishing
86 Helmsman Way Unit 100
(Located in Palmetto Bay Marina)
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
(843) 384-8236

Tail Tamer Charters

Check out Tail Tamers for a great day on the waterways of Hilton Head Island. Captained by Terry Hall, they offer great inshore and offshore fishing opportunities in their 1986 Mako Hull Tail Tamer. All tackle and bait provided. This charter is one of the most popular and best known in the region. Captain Terry is a true professional offering all fishing licenses and a great fish cleaning service.

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Tall Tamer Fishing Charters
18 Simmons Rd #2322
(Located in Broad Creek Marina)
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
(848) 422-1860

Integrity Charters

Integrity Charters is one of the best fishing charters operating out of Hilton Head Island. Join Captain Mike Russo aboard his 38’ Integrity and enjoy such amenities as air conditioned/heated salon with shower facilities. All fishing tackle and gear is provided. This family-friendly charter is perfect for all anglers.

Integrity Charters
18 Simmons Road
(Located in Broad Creek Marina)
Hilton Head, SC 29926
(843) 422-1221

How We Picked The Best Charters On Hilton Head

As long time Lowcountry residents, we have had the opportunity to charter many different Hilton Head fishing Captains over the years. Plus, as a family in general we love fishing and the outdoors, so this puts us in the perfect position to offer you some solid advice on planning your next Hilton Head fishing trip. To make the list of best fishing charters on Hilton Head you had to have a solid website, good reviews, loads of experience, a good attitude and a lot of success catching fish in the local waters around the Island. We wanted to hear from past fishing clients about their experience and how things went. On top of that, we have fished with Tail Tamer and Reel Job personally.

The Trusted Tips To Picking A Fishing Charter On Hilton Head Island

We put together this detailed guide on How To Pick A Good Fishing Charter right here. You can read the guide and here are some more basic tips and things to look out for when picking a charter:

1-Don’t trust online booking sites: These are all pay to play and the guys at the top just pay more money to have a premier listing. All is fair in economics, but these fishing booking sites do a huge disservice to the public by curating the information to best suit their clients. You need to do a little more leg work to find a good Captain.

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2- Check their website: Not everyone needs the most stunning website in the world, but as a local business you better have something. If the fishing Captain has no website, that is a huge red flag. Does their website show off the boat you will be on? Are there a variety of trips on offer? Does the Captain have a bio that shows off his skill and expertise? These are all things to look out for.

3-Read reviews: Any legit business today will have at least a few reviews around the internet. Check Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor and other places. Look for consistent feedback and high ratings. One or two bad reviews doesn’t mean anything, people are nasty even to the best Captains. However, if the bulk of them are less than favorable, that is a bad sign.

4-Social media: Similar to the website, you need at least a Facebook page today. Check out their social profiles, are there smiling kids with big sharks? Family’s with a bunch of fish or watching dolphins? Any good Captain will want to show off his happy clients. If they are to lazy to post a few social pics, they are too lazy to give you a good experience.

5-Pick up the phone: Yes, it’s old school, but the phone still works wonders! Give the potential boat captain a call and find out more about their fishing charter business. This gives you the perfect chance to ask questions, learn about where and how you will be fishing and get all the details that a website may not offer. It also is an opportunity to learn about their fishing style and attitude. You can learn a lot in a few minutes on the phone.

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