Seven Expert Tips To Sell Your House Faster

Wondering How to Sell Your Hilton Head Island House Faster? Read Our Top Tips from the Experts to Sell Your Home Quickly!

Selling your home may seem like a daunting task, but there are several ways to smooth out the process. You should keep in mind that potential buyers won’t see your house like you do, so it’s important to freshen it up and make it as appealing as possible. Doing so will greatly increase chances of a sale and reduce the time that your home is on the market.

We Asked The Experts What Makes A House Sell Fast

Since the introduction and widespread use of the internet, many people have been able to list their homes for sale themselves. However, the most important step you need to take before listing your home for sale is to find a realtor. One might think that the internet has sped up the selling process, but it actually hinders “For Sale By Owner” sales in many neighborhoods because many people are competing with other search results and listings, especially in Hilton Head.

Hilton Head real estate has many gated communities so it’s vital to choose a realtor who’s familiar with all the ins and outs of the local market. Not only does this give you an advantage with selling your home quickly and getting the most bang for your buck, but you’re given much needed financial protection during the process as well. If you’re looking to sell your Hilton Head home, you can take away nearly all of the hassle with an experienced listing agent. They’re absolutely vital, especially in today’s current buyer’s market. But in the meantime, here are seven things to do when listing your home for sale.

Secret Tips To Sell Your House Faster

Tidy Up Outside

You know the saying, you never get a second chance at a first impression. This tip is often overlooked but the outside of your home is the first thing buyers will notice when they visit. So, what does your yard say about you?

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To attract more buyers, tidy up your yard and fix any issues outside like missing roof shingles, broken fences, or old mailboxes. Mowing your lawn, trimming your bushes, pouring fresh mulch, planting new flowers, and powerwashing the patio and side of your house all go a long way towards a powerful first impression.

One trick that will add curb appeal (in spades) is the addition of pavers. Matt Weidner, who owns a local paver installation company in Bluffton, SC, explained that tearing out your old concrete walkway in the front of your home and replacing it with pavers is a relatively inexpensive job that can elevate your landscape in a few short days.

You can also have that bland concrete patio stained or stamped to add some much needed visual beauty. Decorative concrete finishes like this are easily recouped when you go to sell your home.  If you really want to wow potential buyers, consider an outdoor kitchen, it’s one of the few bigger home improvement projects that can increase your property value.

Things To Do So Your House Sells Fast

Remove Clutter and Bulky Items

Perhaps one of the easiest home selling tips of all is to get rid of as much clutter as possible. Spend some time and go through cabinets, closets, attics, etc. Don’t overlook the garage, too! If you have a two car garage, make sure two cars fit. Moving to have more room is the second (after job relocation) most popular reason people will buy a new home. You don’t want to be written off the list because your house feels cramped with junk.

“Just like old fixtures, old exercise equipment is a blast from the past.”

When selling your home, you want to make the inside seem as open as possible….and clutter or bulky items can make it seem smaller than it actually is. Plus, clutter can make potential buyers uncomfortable and they might be turned off from a sale.

One of the biggest culprits of clutter and bulk in a home for sale is unused and outdated exercise equipment! Nobody wants to see a Bo-flex from the 1990’s or a broken treadmill that’s only used for hanging clothes on. Big items like these take up valuable floor space and make rooms seem smaller than they are. They can also make a home feel dated. Just like old fixtures, old exercise equipment is a blast from the past.

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So before you list your home for sale, make it a point to get rid of your non-essential items. Don’t store them in places where buyers will be looking, like in garages or closets. You might want to consider renting a storage unit in the meantime. Better yet, have a yard sale and really clear out those closets and attics!

Tips From Expert realtors To Sell Your House Quickly

Remove Personal Items

“Another easy home selling tip is to get rid of as much ‘personal’ clutter as possible,” says top Bluffton Realtor, Shaun Mcternan with Alliance Realty. “You want potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home, this is hard to do when it’s filled to the brim with family photos and fantasy football posters.”

The goal is to have your buyer visualize your house as their own. In order to help them picture themselves inside your listed home, remove any personal family items or decorations. This can include family pictures, posters, your favorite books, sports memorabilia, and more. Anything that resembles yourself or your interests should be taken down in order to give your home a neutral playing field. Doing so will give buyers an easier time imagining your home as their own which increases your chance of a sale.

How Can I sell My Home Faster

Update Your Home

Old appliances, paint jobs, fixtures, and more can tell a lot about your home’s age. You don’t need to go all out with renovations and such, but you can do a lot with some minor updates. One easy way to freshen up your space is to replace faucets, lighting fixtures, door knobs and hardware throughout your home.

“Another trick to making your home more attractive is to add new flooring in high traffic areas.”

If you can, consider painting your walls with a light neutral color. Painting is a great cost-effective way to refresh your interior space. This will help lighten up the atmosphere and give rooms a spacious feel, which is attractive to buyers. Working with a reliable local painting contractor will make this part of the process much easier.

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Another trick to making your home more attractive is to add new flooring in high traffic areas. If you’re on a budget and want to make your house more appealing, replacing flooring in the foyer, hallways and kitchen can really freshen up the feel of your home.

When we spoke to Rick Clanton from Group3 Architects, he said that rather than spend a ton of money on a kitchen remodel thinking you’ll recoup your investment, spread the money around the house to give it a overall freshen-up. Door hardware, fresh paint and adding trim will go a long way to enticing buyers.

Experts Tell Us How To Sell Your House Fast

Know Your Home’s Issues

“Buyers are much more picky today than in the past, and many don’t want a fixer upper.”

When you work with a listing agent, they’ll help advise you on some things that you should repair around your house. Experienced realtors know what will make buyers hesitate or when they will demand a lower price if they feel there’s an issue. Remember, when people move into a home, they want as little hassle as possible. Anywhere you can remove these potential obstacles will increase your odds of a sale.

When buyers perform their own home inspections, they might find something serious and ultimately get turned away. To avoid this situation, complete a professional home inspection before you list. When we spoke to Tom Hanlon from Horizon Home Inspectors, he highlighted the amount of stress and headaches you can eliminate by having an inspection done before you list the property. Buyers are much more picky today than in the past, and many don’t want a fixer upper.

If any major issues are found with your plumbing, electrical, structural, or mechanical components, you should be proactive and repair them. This way, buyers will see that your house is well-maintained and that they won’t need to worry about it themselves. Overall, having an inspection and repairing serious issues will save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run.

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Now is the time to take care of all those little projects you have been putting off like those pesky roof leaks. Bill Ball with BB Roofing in Bluffton explained to use that a long-term leak will develop mold over time and create a much bigger issue than just the original leak.

Real Estate Tips To Sell Fast

Pay For A Professional Clean

Dirt and odor can turn away buyers faster than anything… don’t fall victim to a blind nose! After living in your house for many years, you’ll get accustomed to how it smells or looks. But to visitors, these smells and seemingly unnoticeable grime can be glaring and off-putting.

Vacuuming and sweeping is a good start, but for selling your home, it’s not enough. Luckily, a professional clean can get rid noticeable smells, dirt, grime, and more! This tip is even more applicable for pet owners because new homeowners fear that they might not be able to get rid of smells or stains themselves. Don’t take any chances with nasty smells – get them removed as soon as possible!

Update Your Lights To Sell Your Home Quickly

Provide Great Lighting

On the beautiful coast of South Carolina, it’s no secret that sunlight is plentiful. For homeowners, use this to your advantage! Open up your curtains and let that sunlight in! Bright and well-lit homes always seem more inviting. Bright, open windows can help your home seem larger than it actually is. Be sure your windows (interior and exterior) are spotless so you’re not bringing attention to any grime. If you have any rooms that are dim, install new, brighter light bulbs or add additional lamps to highlight your space.

You may also want to think about retro-fitting LED lights in place of your old incandescent can lights. We recently saw a presentation from Play Home Technology about how many options there are when it comes to retro-fit LED. Not all fixtures are created equal. You will definitely want a professional who specialize in lighting in this case. We were amazed at the advancement in tune-able lighting and fixtures that can mimic the pattern of the sun.

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During showings, excellent lighting can do wonders for its presentation, and this can be true for your exterior as well. Consider some outdoor lighting options. A few well placed landscape lights can make a home look amazing at night! Often, a potential home buyer will return to see the house in different times of the day and some will even drive by at night. Imagine how much more they will want to make an offer when they see how beautiful your home looks at night with some up lights highlighting the trees!

“You may also want to think about retro-fitting LED lights in place of your old incandescent can lights.”

To summarize, the best way to gain an upper hand in selling your home quickly is to do some preparation ahead of time and to hire an experienced real estate agent right from the start. Trust us, the payoff of careful preparation is well worth it. Let your real estate agent guide you on what you should do (or not do) to ensure a quick sale. Not only can you fetch a higher price for your listing, but the process will go a whole lot quicker and smoother! In the end, you’ll save money, time, and lots of potential headaches!

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