What We Do

We’re all about giving helpful advice about real-world topics that are relevant to the Lowcountry region and beyond. That advice could take the form of a product roundup, an in-depth review, a travel story, or a guide to finding great restaurants and attractions here in South Carolina. 

Our number one goal is to share information that we think will be useful to our readers, and do so in a fun engaging way. Perhaps most of all, it’s important to us that our site is fueled by real, down-to-earth experience. 

What we don’t do is write fluff, or create content just for the sake of getting clicks. We have nothing to sell here at Lowcountry Style & Living. Just a desire to share what we’ve learned and bring people together. 

About Our Writers

Our team is made up of writers and reviewers who are passionate about the topics they write about and the products they review. We’re a bunch of lifestyle experts, home and garden gurus, travel enthusiasts and gear nuts who genuinely love what we do.

Our writers pour all of their passion and life experience into every list, article and review that gets published on Lowcountry Style & Living. One of the most often-quoted pieces of advice for writers is “write what you know,” and that’s an adage that we take seriously. 

How We Write Reviews

Our reviews are built on research, research, and more research. Hours of work go into reviewing every product that finds its way onto our site, and we never recommend a product without doing our homework. 

That includes taking a deep dive into market research, comparing features of various products, analyzing reviews and rankings, and selecting the best and most popular products to review based on our findings. We use all the best information sources currently available in order to accomplish this. It might sound simple, but it isn’t always easy.

One of the core components of this process is real reviews from real buyers. There’s nothing more powerful than firsthand experience from someone who has actually held an item in their hands, used it for years, and decided to share their experience. 

How We Choose Which Products to Review

The stuff we review finds its way to us in all kinds of unique ways. Sometimes we are sent items in the mail, and sometimes we’ll hear about a cool new piece of gear that has taken the market by storm, and we just can’t resist learning more about it! 

Many of our lists and roundups start with a simple question, like “I wonder what the best whosywhatsit or thingamajig under $50 is?” Before you know it, we’ve gone into research hyperdrive, and we’ve found ourselves with 10 or 20 awesome gadgets we just can’t wait to tell you about. 

There are also times when we decide to review a tool or device that we’ve owned and used for years. Or we’ll tell you about one of our favorite restaurants or travel destinations, for no other reason than we really like it and want to share it with you. 

Do We Get Paid to Review Products?

We do participate in various affiliate programs, and in some cases that means we can earn a commission on the purchase of the items that are featured on our site. We then use that money to buy more gear we don’t need, so that we can write more reviews! 

In all seriousness, the money we earn through affiliate links is one of the main things that keeps the lights on here at Lowcountry Style & Living. That being said, it does not influence our ability to choose the products we want to review, and to review them honestly. 

Occasionally, a company will reach out to us and send us a product that they would like us to review. Oftentimes, we say yes, but are always straightforward about the fact that there’s no guarantee our review will be positive. 

As we’re fond of saying, If you want to send in something for review, be warned you may not like the result. And we never, under any circumstances, accept money in exchange for writing a positive review of a product. 

Get in Touch

Have more questions about our review process? Have a cool product or story idea you’d like us to write about? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!