Our Favorite Travel Bar Sets

Our Favorite Travel Bar Sets

Let’s All Welcome The Rise In Popularity of the Travel Bar!

With all the changes over the last several months, the interest in vintage travel bars and suitcase bars has really spiked. And that’s an great thing! Up until recently I bet many people didn’t even know the you could even buy a mini bar that fits in a suitcase, well you can and I have some of the best ones for you to try out.

Some experiences are hard to replicate. The buzz of a night out with friends going from club to club. Squeezing into a seat at a crowded bar to join in the camaraderie. Dining with a large group of family or friends in a bustling fully occupied restaurant.

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If you are looking for some beginner cocktails to try out, here are
some of our favorite!

Maybe we won’t be able to do those things for a while and must adapt to a new normal. But there are ways to keep the party going and still stay safe. We need to be flexible and approach things with an open mind. In that vein I am going to throw you a lifeline.

Despite the anxiety and disruption people are still looking for activities to relieve the stress if only for a short period. Triple A estimates that 1 in 3 families will take an extended trip this summer. Many more will picnic, go to the beach and hike in the mountains.

Yes people are still renting beach houses, cabins, reserving hotel rooms. Still going on outings. Having friends over for backyard, patio and pool gatherings. And what does everybody need at all these places? A good cocktail off course.

You NEED A Travel Bar Set

Now, more than ever, you should have a travel ready bar set that gives you a taste of home while you’re on the road. Over the years, I have had many and have always found them indispensable, and perhaps even more so in our present times.

Going away this summer? Maybe you will stop at a hotel. Most cocktails in hotel bars are pricey (and might add chintzy). Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a bar in your room? Away from any crowds, saving some money. Hopefully you have a balcony. Or maybe your hotel doesn’t have a bar and you don’t want to go out. No need to go out if you have a travel bar set.

Renting a beach house or cabin? Nothing like sipping your favorite cocktail while soaking up the beautiful natural surroundings.

Travel Bars & Wine Bags Never Go Out Of Style

Once football season starts you can up your tailgate game. Instead of just some beer and wine in a cooler, elevate your refreshments by adding some cocktails.

Staying home? Invite some friends over for an outside get together. You know the distancing drill, but you can enhance the gathering and show your friends how much you care with some classic cocktails. I don’t know about you, but I’ve raised a few glasses the last few months at virtual cocktail parties with friends and my travel bar set has allowed me to change rooms at each “party.”

Need a special gift for family or friends? A travel bar set makes a fantastic gift for any budding mixologist or veteran connoisseur.

Travel bar sets come in many shapes and sizes to cover nearly any type of need from toolsy martini bar sets to ideal wine travel totes. These grab-and-go solutions are a welcome addition to everyday life.

Travel Bar Accessories

What Makes A Good Travel Bar Set?

So these are my top picks for travel bar sets. They are in no particular order. All are excellent but each stands out in a different way. It is up to the user to decide what is critical to have on hand. Hopefully this list will lead you to make an informed choice. Any purchase should include the following considerations:

Tools – Make sure your travel bar has the tools that you use consistently. If this is your first purchase and you are new to making cocktails, I’ve included a high quality starter set in the list. Remember, it’s not always easy to add tools that didn’t come with the set, as they might not fit in the case/bag or could prove difficult to secure.

Portability – This is a personal choice. A travel set should be a grab-and-go item that’s convenient, but everyone has a different idea about ease. Some might be comfortable with a four bottle set others with a two bottle set. It depends on your needs.

Durability – You don’t need breakdowns with a travel bar set. I have found synthetic material to be the most reliable. A lot depends on how you treat your set in terms of wear and tear.

Security – For some especially frequent air travelers this might be a concern. Depends on the libations. If carrying high end liquors, it might be wise to purchase a set with a lock. Also in this category, it’s important that any set carrying bottles has secure placements.

Price – Up to you. My advice is always fit the purchase to your lifestyle and needs.

Jilmo Cocktail Shaker Set, 14 piece Bartender Kit with Waterproof Bartender Travel Bag

This is not for the faint of heart. It has everything but the kitchen sink. A big capacity travel bag with the added perk that it folds up into a padded, waterproof 13x16x5 inch shoulder bag. It contains 14 stainless steel tools to make any cocktail.

If you want a set that allows you to carry up to four bottles of spirits and still have some room for smaller bottles of mixers, aperitifs, bitters and simple syrup, then this can be your meal ticket. The set is quality throughout especially the tools. Want something more….it is less than $100 on Amazon. Amazing! If you are into serious entertainment then this is the set for you.

Barimaster Pro Bar Travel Set

This is a condensed and stylish set with its 11-inch black cylinder, leatherette casing and a black velvet interior lining. All the basics are included in a seven tool set: cocktail shaker, ice tongs, double jigger, bar spoon, muddler, cocktail strainer and a corkscrew. Does not contain any space for alcohol or glasses. Contains a strap which allows you to carry it over your shoulder. To me, this is a great starter kit. If you are just getting into mixology this could be for you.

All the basics are there, just add the spirits and glasses. Great for home. Ideal for a picnic where you can pack alcohol and glasses with your other provisions. Also this set is an affordable option at just under $75 on Amazon.

Atterstone Travel Bar Cocktail Set

For those that are looking for more options and a greater selection of tools, this kit has it all. A solid case with segmented  compartments to hold all your accessories. What we love most is the professional look when all folded up, it’s like your the bartender the party is waiting for!

LEGACY Bar Backpack – 16 piece Portable Cocktail Set, Grey/Black

Everything you need in a traveling bar set. Durable, waxed canvas backpack. Holds three 750ml bottles securely. Extensive tool set: six cocktail picks, classy Hawthorne strainer (my favorite kind), ice tongs, cocktail spoon with hammer (hammer is a nice addition for muddling and breaking ice), muddler with plastic head (triangular head for even mash), double sided jigger (1 oz, 1.5 oz), cork screw (waiter-style, very useful), 2 piece shaker set (16 oz, 24 oz)), serrated paring knife, combo bottle/can opener, cutting board.

The manufacturer suggests that this is the travel bar set that Ernest Hemingway would have taken to Africa for his big game hunts. Having used this set on a camping trip and having read enough Hemingway, that statement is not mere hyperbole. This is the real deal. There is even a separate compartment to carry your phone, wallet and other necessities. This is a top-shelf bar set for entertaining and is conducive to any cocktail occasion.

Cost factor comes to play, as this set has a higher price tag. This is a personal decision but if this set fits your pocketbook, I can assure you that you will be more than satisfied.

Franmara Martini Travel Bar Set with Case

If a martini captivates you (and nothing else matters) then this is the case for you. You need to supply your own martini ingredients, but you’re covered for everything else. The set includes two martini glasses, a stainless steel flask for trouble free alcohol transit, a jigger, funnel, and a shaker.

A nice touch is the two reusable olive spears. The 7 3/4 x 8 x 7 inch black case has a velvet interior. This is the perfect “shaken but not stirred” travel set for the martini aficionado. A little over $70.00 on Amazon.

Concession Express PortableTravel Bar – Black

Classic touches such as a gold latch, stylish case, and a three digit combination lock set the stage for this elegant yet simple rendition of a travel bar set. It consists of two small martini glasses, bottle opener, jigger, silver serving tray (classy) and two speed pourers to place on the mouth of your liquor bottles for accuracy in amount and neatness. A plus is the compartments that can hold three 750ml bottles, securely held in place by elastic straps.

This set is a little shy in tools, but perfect for straight forward tipples. Sometimes we want a satisfying drink without being involved in all kinds of mixing and straining. THis one is ideal when you want to bring variety in spirits to a get together or outing, and durable enough to bring on your next plane trip. This set is $85.00 on Amazon.

LEGACY  – Hamilton Travel Cocktail Set

A travel set with an abundance of barkeep tools in a compact 14×10 inch hard case. The impressive array of tools includes a shaker, strainer, double jigger, stirrer, cutting board (always a useful addition), ice tongs, muddler and olive picks. Four rock glasses is a pleasant surprise and the three slots to store your spirits brings a smile to my face. 

All you need to mix some refreshing cocktails with the luxury of variety. Whenever I take this set on the road it’s always a crowd pleaser. If you are looking to go glamorous, yet utilitarian, then look no further. But glamor does cost, as this set is priced at $253.85 on Amazon. All in all, I find it at that price to be an exceptional value.

Tirrenia Insulated Wine Carrier Tote

Some days you might not want the hard stuff, but you still need a grab-and-go because the party, get together, dinner, picnic etc. needs wine. If that’s the case, then this tote rings all the bells. A sturdy, good-looking carrier that features two separate compartments for your vino. The spaces are ample and your bottles are secure. Insulated, in addition to a cool pack, so that your wine or champagne will stay chilled for hours.

An outside pocket has enough space for a corkscrew (included), phone and keys. This is my go to bag when eating at a BYOB. It can also be a great addition to your night at a drive-in movie. An adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying and a pocket friendly price on Amazon.

Four Bottle Wine Carrier by Tirrinia

Some days you need more and this carrier is there for you. Size – check, Portability – check, Durability – check, Performance – check. The individual wine compartments are big enough to fit a few cool packs so as to enhance the insulated bag. My only caveat – when not at full capacity the separators shift and the bottles sometimes knock together. But shouldn’t I be filling it with 4 bottles?

Oh well, if you only have 2 or 3 here is a tip: fill the other spaces with cheese, snacks etc. I found this eliminates any problems and what better than wine and cheese? Great for picnics and potlucks when you are the designated wine provider. A friendly $26.98 on Amazon.

You never know what life holds. But purchase a travel bar set, and you’ll always be ready to enjoy the party!