Is South Carolina A Good Place To Live?

Is South Carolina A Good Place To Live?

Many Americans choose to move to different states throughout their life. This may be for various reasons, like job opportunities, retirement, or living nearby family or friends.

South Carolina is a good example of these states, as it was the third most-moved-to area in 2021. This stunning place has a lot of natural sites.

The state’s flourishing economy, good weather, and many activities make it popular with new inhabitants.

If you’re thinking about moving to a different area, you may be wondering: is South Carolina a good place to live?

While South Carolina certainly has its advantages, like anywhere, it does have its drawbacks too. Congestion, taxes, and hurricane risks are just some of the factors that may make you want to look elsewhere.

We’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of living in South Carolina in this post, so you can decide whether living in the state is right for you.

Is South Carolina A Good Place To Live

Advantages Of Life In South Carolina

Here are some of the benefits of life in South Carolina.

Beautiful Landscape And Mental Health Gains

South Carolina is one of the most stunning states in the United States, thanks to its picturesque mountains and many sandy beaches.

Living in the center of the state, such as Columbia, doesn’t put you far away from the ocean or the mountains.

The spring brings gorgeous flowers, while the orange trees in fall look amazing next to the mountains. If you love the outdoors, South Carolina has plenty of natural wonders to explore.

This also has mental health benefits, as being near nature reinstates self-awareness.

The green grassy areas and flower-filled yards also provide a setting for songbirds, dragonflies, and bees to thrive, giving residents a sight that does wonders for the senses.

Financial Gains

If you’re wondering whether selling your property will give you the equity needed to purchase a new, lower-priced property in South Carolina, you’ll be pleased with the answer. South Carolina is one of the ten lowest property-taxed states.

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The cost of living is also not very high, especially in South Carolina’s smaller towns. Entertainment, homeware, restaurants, and groceries are lower priced than in several US states.

Condition Of Air

The ALA (American Lung Association) found that air quality in the US continued to improve.

Despite this, around 133 million people are located in areas with unhealthy ozone pollution and particulate matter. This decreased air quality is linked with health risks.

South Carolina is one of the states with amazing air quality. Air pollution has fallen by 45% since 2003. On the other hand, areas like Texas and California are still tackling harmful pollution levels.


South Carolina has a plentiful history and is impressively diverse. The state has several world-class eateries and is home to the South Carolina Underground film festival, which celebrates independent film.

You can also indulge in some amazing homegrown dairy and seafood produce. Other establishments, like theaters, art galleries, historical monuments, and universities are all examples of the culture the state has to offer.

Several Living Environments

You may have chosen to settle down in South Carolina, but there are many different areas to please different preferences.

The Upstate area, in the northwest, lies between prominent cities Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC. This is close enough for citizens to access elements of city life, which has enough space to relax and slow down in the suburbs.

Many people choose to live along the coast too, particularly in attractive seaside areas, like Beaufort. Residents in these areas can take part in activities like boating and fishing, as well as enjoy shopping in its artisan marketplaces.

Is South Carolina A Good Place To Live

Drawbacks Of Life In South Carolina

While South Carolina has its charm, living in the Palmetto State has its drawbacks too.


South Carolina is, unfortunately, one of the most susceptible states to be affected by tropical storms and hurricanes.

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Six of its coastal areas lie next to the Atlantic Ocean, which puts them at a higher risk of being impacted by storms.

These storms are also accompanied by flooding, high winds, heavy rainfall, and tornadoes, which can all make living in the state difficult.

In the days before a storm comes, highways and interstates from the coast will be congested with traffic.

Insects And Bugs

As South Carolina is prone to warm weather, it’s also a hotspot for insects, like fire ants, cockroaches, and termites.

Some of these, like mosquitoes, can become an issue in summer and may even carry disease. Termites can ruin houses and building structures, which is a real problem for homeowners.

South Carolina’s residents often have bug spray products and mosquito nets in their homes. If you are set on living in the state, have your home inspected by a termite and pest control expert.


South Carolina usually has good weather conditions, but its summers can quickly become humid and unbearable.

Temperatures can rise above 90°F in some cases, which can make some outdoor events and activities harder to enjoy.

If your new home isn’t built with AC, you should consider installing it, or look for other methods of heatproofing your property.


South Carolina’s sales and income taxes are quite high, particularly in comparison to neighboring states. South Carolina’s sales tax is 6%, but Georgia’s is 4% and North Carolina’s is 4.75%.

The cost of living is low, coming at 4% lower than the nation’s average. However, transportation, healthcare, and utilities are also priced high.

If you are on a stable income, you may need to do your research to find some affordable living areas in the state.


Alligators are often seen in South Carolina, particularly along coastal marsh areas. There are around 100,000 alligators living within the state.

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These vertebrates can invade property, damage structures, and even kill pets, so they can be a real problem among visitors and residents.

If you are located near Lake Marion, you’ll need to take special care, as it is one of the state’s most alligator-filled lakes.

Final Thoughts

South Carolina is certainly a gorgeous state. If you want to live in a place with great air quality, beautiful scenery, and lots of culture, this could be the place for you.

However, some of the drawbacks of the state are a real concern. Hurricanes, alligators, and uncomfortable humidity are all things you should think about before settling down here.

Still, if you’re looking to live in a relaxed environment with a lower cost of living and lots of things to do, you should consider moving to South Carolina.

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