Gifts For The Dad That Has Everything

We Have 22 Amazing Gift Ideas That Any Dad Will Be Impressed To Receive. Show You Care With Something Cool!

Do you have a dad, husband, or other important men in your life that seems impossible to shop for? Does it seem they already have everything they need or do they just buy what they want? Well, guess what…no man has everything and it only takes a little thought to buy a unique gift for them. The issue is you not being able to have an original thought. I bet it’s also down to the fact you waited too long and are searching for ideas with only hours to spare.

Regardless of why you find yourself in this predicament, I’ve got 20 things that will put a smile on any dad if they received one of these gifts. The best thing is most items on our gift for dad list arent even that expensive.

Hagan Cattle Company Steaks

Every man wants a good steak and these cuts from Hagan Cattle don’t get any better. The grass-fed and corn-finished cattle will knock your socks off. Sending mail-order steaks is nothing new but sending steaks from famous funny car driver Matt Hagen’s ranch is a step up from your average cow. 

Purchase from The Hagen Cattle Company

Life-Size Gunslinger Cowboy

The thing about shopping for the guy that has everything is to remember to get a winning gift you have to surprise them. You need to have them thinking; “I didn’t see that coming”. Well, they’re not going to see this 6-foot resin cowboy that can be displayed inside or outside and will add a flair to any man cave out there.

Purchase from The Kings Bay

TruHarvest Farms CBD Gummies

Listen, skip the passé box of chocolate or chocolate pretzels and get something sweet that actually does something. CBD has a ton of health benefits and is a more accepted item than just a few years ago. These gummies can help with sleep issues, anxiety, or just take the edge off.

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Purchase From TruHarvest

.50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

Yes, all men have several bottle openers, but do they have one made out of a real .50 caliber bullet made by Active Duty service members and Veterans? I doubt it. It’s cool stuff like this that will start a conversation at the next party.

Purchase from Bottle Breacher

Victorinox RangerWood 55

You can never have too many pocket knives, so even if you think dad has a small folding blade, he doesn’t have these new Swiss Army knives with walnut scales. I picked one of these up recently and was blown away. It has all the tools you need with the old timer feel. Plus it’s something he can pass down later.

Purchase The Victorinox

Outdoor Pizza Oven

I bet if your dad has everything he probably has an awesome grill but does he have a pizza oven? I doubt it. These tabletop models from Big Horn come in both gas and wood pellet models and make amazing wood-fired pizza right at home. If you have a few more bucks to spend, consider a free-standing model. Pizza night will never be the same after the fun of making them at home. Don’t stress about the dough, most supermarkets sell pizza dough frozen and that saves a ton of time and work.

Budget Option:

Purchase The Big Horn Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Luxury Option:

Purchase The MCP Artisan Pizza Oven

Outdoor Fire Table

Ok, so they happen to have a pizza oven, but no patio or porch is complete without a fire feature. Up your game from a regular fire pit and experience, the convenience of a propane-fired centerpiece.

Purchase the YeSea Fire Pit Table 

Budget Option: 

Endless Summer Fire Table

Canvas Tool Roll From Roaring Fire

If you want to buy something useful as well as insanely cool, then these canvas tool rolls from Roaring Fire gear are just what you need. Perfect to store gear and tools in the car, organizing tools for a road trip or if you need to build a bugout bag.

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There are literally hundreds of uses for a guy to use these handcrafted tool rolls. Made from heavy duty Duckwear canvas, they are built to take a lifetime of abuse. They come in multiple sizes, but I have the Pack Mule that has multiple pockets as well as zipper pouches and a cool carry strap. Those are my pictures above of how I pack them.

Purchase the Roaring Fire Pack Mule Tool Roll

Table Top Ice Machine

I never realized how necessary and awesome these little guys were until our ice maker broke in our fridge. Completely self-contained and they don’t even need a drain. Perfect to tuck in an office or their workshop.

Purchase the 7 Minute Ice Machine 


Why the heck would you buy your dad an airgun? Why not! These new pneumatic charged models are not the Red Ryders of yesteryear. Many are as powerful as a .22 caliber rifle but don’t have the noise or legalities of a real firearm. Shooting some paper plates or other targets in the backyard is a rite of passage for most boys so you’ll be reminding him of his childhood….assuming he doesn’t have his own daddy issues he’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Purchase the Benjamin Akela BPA22W 

Budget Option: Under $100

Crossman 760 Pump Pellet Rifle

Daisy Powerline 880

Felco Pruners

I bet a crappy pair of hand pruners are hanging in his shed right now. You wouldn’t believe how amazing a set of high-end pruners feel in the hand. With a replaceable blade and spring action, these are a joy to cut with. My first pair of Felco’s is almost 25 years old and I refuse to cut anything around the house with anything less.

Purchase the Felco Classic Hand Pruners

German Hatchet

No real man would be disappointed to open a box with a hatchet inside. With a real hickory wood handle and wicked sharp blade, these Prandi hatchets are great for splitting wood for kindling, taking on a backpacking trip, or even ax throwing.

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As a side note, a gift card to an ax-throwing venue near you is another gift that will be a winner.

Purchase the Prandi German Hatchet

MRF Pocket Pry Bar

I know how hard it is to find great gifts for men…I’m impossible to shop for too, but this pocket pry bar from MRF Multi Tools will definitely wow any guy. Made from hardened stainless steel they are ready to take some abuse as well as dish it out. The biggest benefit of a pocket pry bar is that it saves wear and tear on your knife. You can pry up nails, gouge out staples in packing crates, score lines in brick, etc. The biggest benefit of a pocket tool like this is opening boxes in a work environment where a full fledged knife might be looked down upon.

Purchase the MRF Multitools Prybar

Seiko Dive Watch

Maybe you are shopping for a guy who is well to do and already has a Rolex or maybe you are shopping for a goof who wears an Apple Watch all the time. Either way, everyone needs a solid beater watch. Now I am not talking about some silly quartz G-Shock. I am speaking of a classic sports watch that looks good on the beach, in a meeting, or out on a date. My picks are the new King Turtle Divers that Seiko came out with this year.

Purchase the Seiko King Turtle

Weather Station

This is a fun idea and something out of the ordinary. A little sensor is hung outside either on a tree or around the house and the receiver sits inside. You can tell the exact temp and local weather for your backyard.

Purchase the AcuRite Iris Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Weather Station

Grill Light

Dads love their barbecues, especially if it’s during a game of football or baseball. You can never be too prepared to show your team spirit! So why not get him this grill light so he can see what he’s cooking? if he has a grill light, see the Pizza Oven above…

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Purchase the Yukon Glory Magnetic LED Grill Light


Why would you need a monocular? Because it’s cool, that’s why. Plain and simple. It’s the perfect gift for the man who likes hunting or just needs to spy on some people. Again, it’s unique and something fun.

Purchase the Vortex Optics Solo Monocular 

Fire Starter

Never struggle to light a fire again! Whether you are on a camping trip, trying to get the firepit going, or burning logs inside your fireplace, tinder from Procamp Tek will get it going in seconds. These fire starters are amazing and can even start a fire when soaking wet! You need to see the YouTube videos, it’s crazy.

I originally started using these for camping and backpacking trips but their Fire Plugs and Fire Tinder have a ton of uses besides in the wild. We are a big fire pit family and there is no easier way to get a good blaze going than these.

Purchase the Procamp Tek Fire Starter Kit

Letherman Trauma Shears

These trauma shears are extremely sharp scissors used in lifesaving techniques. Besides emergencies, having a solid pair of scissors will make your life easier in many ways. Rather than grab a pocket knife in the workshop, many things are cut cleaner and more efficiently with good scissors.

Purchase the Leatherman Raptor Shears

Budget Option:

Rkqoa Trauma Shears

Guitar (and lessons)

Now this one may be iffy depending on the person. Some dads love to play guitar, others might not be interested at all. Either way, if your guy is into music, then an older model acoustic guitar will do just fine. If you want to give him lessons as well so he can learn how to properly play a musical instrument.

Purchase the Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar 

Budget Option:

Purchase the Ashthorpe 38-inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar Package

Out Of Print Book

The idea behind these is to give something symbolic, thoughtful, and most of all original. You can find awesome out of print books on Etsy and eBay as well as many used book store websites. When shopping, you are not trying to find common old books but something that has some meaning and history behind it. Imagine getting an original book for the 1880s that has been printed in over 100 years? Now that is something that will show you care.

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Purchase Books On Etsy

Olight LED Flashlight

A flashlight is one of those gifts that guys don’t realize they need or want until they actually go to use it and are blown away by the performance, brightness, and distance of the beam. I am not talking about the gimmicky junk from Sharper Image or the Sky Mall catalog, I mean a proven, real-world light thrower! A high-performance LED light with multiple modes is something that can last for years and can make all the difference in emergency situations.

Purchase the Olight Warrior II Flashlight

Yes, it’s the thought that counts when shopping for a gift, but most people take the expression wrong. It’s not enough to buy a bottle of wine because you have no ideas and you’re just as lame as the last person. No, the expression means that YOU actually took some time to think about the person you are shopping for.

Don’t take the easy way and ask him what he wants! Challenge yourself to be a good gift-giver, it’s a very useful trait. So, if you need a solid gift idea for the guy that has everything, you won’t go wrong with any one of the above options.

Blair Witkowski
Author: Blair Witkowski

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