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Expert Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? After the kitchen, the bathroom is the next most complicated room in the home. There are many details to think about with this project, which can make planning difficult. We have put together the  following list of tips and tricks, some are what we have learned and some are from other industry experts. We hope this will help you take the stress out of the planning process so your bathroom remodeling project goes smoothly.

The Tub or Shower Is the Centerpiece — Don’t Hesitate to Splurge

Because tubs and showers are the largest fixture in most bathrooms, they tend to take center stage. Even if you are planning on a budget remodel, you’ll find that it pays to give these fixtures a bit of special attention. The options available will depend on your budget, of course, but here are a few ideas to help you get inspired, no matter how much you plan to spend on a tub or shower update:

  • If you’d like to keep costs low, consider replacing the essentials — the faucet, showerhead and other hardware. Sometimes, replacing hardware that looks worn and aged is all you need to give your shower or tub a fresh look.
  • Among mid-range projects, shower door replacement (or installation, if you currently have curtains) is a great way to update the look and feel of your bathroom.
  • Tub or shower replacement is a project at the costlier end of the spectrum. Though if the fixture is showing its age through stains, hairline cracks or other faults, then this project will be well worth your while. You’ll need to take a few factors into consideration — such as potential bathroom reconfigurations to accommodate a tub or shower in a new size or shape — but the result will give you a modern, functional and beautiful bathroom.
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Keep Lighting In Mind

Lighting is important in every room, but in bathrooms where there is typically little to no natural light, it’s even more important. Overhead lighting (usually can lights) are important for brightening the room, but can also cast harsh shadows on the face in the vanity. Add vertical wall lighting surrounding the vanity to minimize shadows. You should also add dedicated task lights for the bug, shower, and toilet.

Are you interested in creating a spa-like or relaxing experience in your bathroom? Consider adding dimmers to all of your switches.

Bryan Sebring with Sebring Design Build in Naperville, Il has this to say;  “For bathrooms, overhead lighting is very important. As for ambient options, you can always consider the use of a sunken track lighting, frosted glass fixtures, or even rice paper. Likewise, perimeter lighting is also capable of creating both soft, ambient glow, as well as useful light. It’s also highly advisable to consider using pendant lighting. Something like this allows the scattering of light into the direction that it gives the illusion of a beautiful centerpiece ceiling.”


Ventilation Is A Must

Bathroom moisture is not your friend. Without the proper ventilation, mold and mildew will start to grow. Be sure to install a vent fan that will remove humid air. Vent fans are rated by the number of cubic feet of air they move per minute (CFM) so be sure to buy the size fan that matches the size of your bathroom.

Remodeling your bathroom is an investment in time and money but one that is well worth it. Not only will you enjoy your new and improved bathroom, you will be able to recoup some of your costs should you decide to sell your home at a later date.

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Decor and Fixtures

Begin researching your choices ahead of time. Home Decorating websites are a great resource for designs. Choose colors, fixtures and accessories that you prefer and keep a portfolio of these items. While making your selections, think about energy and money-saving equipment such as dual flush toilets, water saving shower heads, and automatic light sensors. Lastly, remember storage. Adding sufficient storage such as shelving is extremely important. Speak with other household members before finalizing the plans and make decisions that best accommodate the requests of everyone who will be using the space.

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Assess Your DIY Skill Level

Refreshing your bathroom is a wonderful way to increase the value of your home, provide comfort, as well as give your bathroom a new look and feel. You want the results of your renovation to please you, not give you regrets. So its important to be honest with yourself. Try to decide what projects you can really do by yourself and what projects will be best left to the professionals. If you mess up a big project, it may cost you a lot more time and money in the long run if you need to hire someone to come and fix your mistakes.

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Don’t Move Plumbing Fixtures

It costs more to move plumbing fixtures than to just leave them in their current position. According to HGTV, the average cost to move a toilet or bathtub is around $5,000. If you wish to change the layout of your bathroom, we recommend reaching out to a bathroom renovation contractor.

They will be familiar with the dimensions of tubs, toilets, and more so that you can find the best layout. For example, if you have a small bathroom, you may benefit from installing a small sink in the corner so what little space you have is used efficiently.

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Create A Renovation Budget

Plan an affordable budget but allow for some flexibility. Stay focused on useful and neutral items. Do not go overboard with fancy features. This will help to stay within your budget. Practical, long-lasting fixtures and materials such as stainless steel or tile floors will be dependable and may help increase property values. Also prepare for the unexpected. You may find additional items requiring repairs as you progress through the project. For example, removal of a cabinet may expose plumbing or other issues.

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Choose A Flattering Paint Color

Let’s be honest… that last look in the mirror in the morning before you head out the door can set the tone for the day. Make sure your bathroom surrounds you with a paint color that you not only like to look at, but that you can truly relish in, and that, by all means, compliments your skin tone. House Beautiful recommends the top flattering paint colors here… we like “Dance of the Goddesses” by Valspar… “It’s the softest, most luminous pearl with just the slightest hint of pink.”

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Design With The Future In Mind

For those who are thinking of putting their home up for sale five years from now, then it’s important to ensure that the value of your property would increase over time, consider having your home renovated for that purpose. On the other hand, if you’re planning to live in your home for a couple of years, it’s very important to ensure that the design of your bathroom is something you would really love and fit with your style and preferences.

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There are countless words of wisdom when it comes in bathroom remodeling tips, we hope these few helped you. Our biggest word of caution is to know when to call in a professional.  On another note, since your bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in the house its makes it easier and more budget friendly to use high-end materials. For example, it might be within your budget to install a marble wall in your bathroom. Since bathroom remodels add value to your home, using luxury materials will only enhance this investment.

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