Essential Tools For Shark Tooth Hunting

I have written a few articles about where to hunt for Shark teeth here in South Carolina and a few places in Florida, but I have not explained the essential tools needed to find shark teeth.

Best Beaches To Find Shark Teeth In South Carolina

Best Beaches To Find Shark Teeth In Florida

For the most part, just strolling along the right place, you can sometimes quickly come across shark teeth. Other times, it takes a little more effort. When you think about the process of hunting for shark teeth, it’s just like panning for gold.

You will scoop some sand and mud, sift it, and then investigate what you have left. It is actually enjoyable and exciting work, sometimes a little disappointing, but always an adventure.

 Remember, patience is vital. Some days you might find several teeth, while other days, you might come up empty-handed. The joy is as much in the hunt as it is in the find!

The Sark Tooth Hunting Process

Timing Your Hunt:

  • The best times to hunt are after storms (which can unearth or wash ashore fossils) and during low tide when more of the beach is exposed.
  • Early morning or late afternoon can be ideal, as the angle of the sun can make shark teeth easier to spot.

Start Searching:

  • Walk along the shoreline where the waves are washing up debris. This is often where teeth get deposited.
  • Look for the telltale shiny, black, or dark brown color of the teeth. They can range from tiny to several inches long.
  • Use your sifting tools in areas where you find small shells and broken bits of fossils, as these spots can be promising for shark teeth.


  • Scoop up sand and debris from promising areas into your sifting screen or shovel.
  • Gently shake the sifter to remove sand and small particles, leaving behind larger items like shark teeth.
  • Examine your finds and use tweezers to pick up any shark teeth.
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  • Use an identification guide or app to determine the species and age of the teeth you find.
  • Document your findings in a notebook, noting the location and any other interesting observations.

Shark Tooth Hunting Gear

To hunt for shark teeth, you will need a few tools to help you in your search. Here are some tools that can be useful for shark tooth hunting:

Sand Rake:

These tools are used to bring up sediment and sand from the beach or underwater. They help you access the areas where shark teeth may be buried.

Sand Fleas Rake, Stainless Steel Sand Sifter, Detachable 47 Inches Long Handle, Collapsible Shark Tooth Sifter for Beach,Sand Crab Catcher with Foldable Pail .
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  • 【 Efficient &Solid Catcher】Sand fleas catcher is welded seamlessly and there is no welding spot,Blunt teeth edge ,get great leverage to dig deep.With foldable pail ,integrate appearance with practicality, excellent to sift fleas, chicken coops, shells, shark teeth.
  • 【Rubber non-slip handle】The non-slip handle allows you to use the sand crabs rake,Frequent use without slipping off, providing a strong grip.Works beautifully,without beware handle will slip off & drift away with the tide.
  • 【Collapsible for travelling】Three-section detachable handle bar, plug-in connection, easy to carry with fishing or outdoor equipment. Space saving ,55 inches when in use, only 15.7 after disassembly.
  • 【Kindly Reminder】Please install the handle and screw correctly before use.We offer replacement parts,Please contact us if there are any problems and recommendations .

Sieve and Sifter:

Once you have collected sediment and sand, a sieve can be used to sort through the mix and separate the shark teeth from other debris. This tool allows you to spot and retrieve the shark teeth you find easily. You can do this in several ways. There are also cheap wooden frames with screens that can do this, but they don’t float.

Attatoy Shark Tooth Sand Sifter Set; Beach Fun Play Set w/Mesh Screen, Scoop, Clip, Bag and Treasure Hunt Guide
  • BEACH SIDE FUN: Kids have a blast with this blue and white heavy duty portable beach sand sifter. Has a large 14.5 x 12.75 sifting area. Perfect size, not bulky and easy to pack for travel.
  • TREASURE HUNTING KIT: Includes a shark tooth and seashell treasure hunting guide, plastic sand scoop, and a seashell bag to store your treasures. Keep little ones close to shore with fun and games at the beach. Alternate use: Set up a treasure hunt in your sandbox!
  • QUALITY MADE: Made of durable and safe PVC with floatation foam on all sides. Sifting mesh is made with extra strong durable plastic and tested for durability, and it won’t rust like metal when used in saltwater. Nylon rope with carabiner and built-in handle help keep it from floating away.
  • TREASURE GUIDE: Ocean treasure guide includes 10 species of shark teeth and 10 varieties of seashells to identify. Make it a game to see who finds the most treasures.
  • SINCERE SERVICE: We are committed to bringing an exceptional shopping experience to our customers. If you have any questions or concerns about the order, please feel free to contact us and we will reply and solve them immediately.

Hand-Held Shark Tooth Sifter:

A shark tooth sifter is a specialized tool designed specifically for shark tooth hunting. It is a lightweight sand sifter that helps you sift through sand and locate shark teeth and fossils. It often comes with a comfortable grip and wrist strap for ease of use.

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I like to use the hand-held rake along with the longer version. Sometimes you will be in a good spot and want to dig and sift more precisely. The mesh size is crucial. You want a mesh that’s fine enough to catch small shark teeth but large enough to let sand and tiny particles through.

Vodolo Beach Mesh Shovel with Mesh Beach Bag for Shell Collecting, Kids Filter Sand Scooper for Picking Up Shells, Shark Tooth Sifter Dipper for Boys and Girls, Toy
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  • Perfect beach toy for collecting shells: The beach shovel is able to sift through sand and shells, making it easier for children and adults to collect shells on the beach. The beach mesh bag has an enlarged bottom to allow for more shells to be collected.
  • Also the beach shell collection tool set will take you on a shark tooth hunt, the scooper is very strong in wet sand and filters out the sand without letting shark teeth through, or you can use it to collect other fossils on the beach.
  • High quality materials: The sand filter shovel is made of high quality stainless steel with a fine and smooth grid and an extended plastic handle that is easy to hold for both children and adults to use. (tip: Please dry the beach shovel before storing it, wet conditions can cause it to rust).
  • Note: The shell bag inside the package is placed inside the shovel, the shovel is used to panning shells at the beach, the maximum bearing strength at 15 pounds, when encountering hard stones, excessive force should not be exerted, otherwise it will cause damage to the shovel, any quality problems, please contact us promptly,we have been improving and upgrading the product to do the best

Digging Tool:

A digging tool, such as a small shovel or trowel, can be handy for excavating the sediment and sand where shark teeth may be buried. It allows you to dig deeper and access hard-to-reach areas. Understand your primary goal. A sifting shovel might be best if you’re sifting through loose sand near the shoreline. For digging deeper or in compacted areas, a more robust tool might be necessary. These are smaller than regular shovels and are perfect for digging specific spots or scraping layers of sand.

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  • IDEAL FOR METAL DETECTOR:These set is great accessories for metal detecting, a must-have for kids and adults at the beach. Since it’s made of plastic, you won’t have to worry about any false positives.
  • TREASURE HUNTING :The scoop features 129 holes, each with a diameter of 0.38”~0.5” .The holes will assist you with removing dirt and sand while locating your treasure on the beach or river bed Quickly.
  • VERSATILE DIGGING TOOL: This tool is great for outdoor, help you Easily find historic artifacts, coins, jewelry, and other hidden treasures, whether you love metal detecting, shelling at the beach, or digging for rocks in any terrain.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT:This set weighs about 12 oz. making it easy to use for both kids and adults. It will fit inside most standard-sized backpacks and won’t add too much to your carry weight.

Optional Tools:

A set of tweezers and a magnifying glass can be beneficial. There are also a number of fossil books and ID guides available to help you identify what type of tooth you may have found.

SHARK TOOTH HUNTING: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE: Tips For Finding Shark Teeth and Useful Equipment for Your Hunt
  • Stalsby, Robin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 30 Pages – 03/25/2023 (Publication Date) – Independently published (Publisher)

10 Quick Tips for Finding Shark Teeth:

1. Research First: Before heading out, research beaches known for shark teeth. Some locations are more fruitful than others due to geological and oceanographic factors.

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2. Time it Right: Go during low tide, especially after storms. The receding water and wave action can reveal previously hidden treasures.

3. Look for Dark and Shiny: Shark teeth are often black, dark brown, or gray and can have a shiny appearance, making them stand out against the sand.

4. Focus on Shell Beds: Areas with a concentration of shells and other debris often hold shark teeth as well. These are prime sifting spots.

5. Use the Right Tools: A sifting shovel or screen can significantly increase your chances of finding teeth by filtering out smaller particles.

6. Start at the Tidal Line: The line where the highest waves reach the shore often deposits a mix of shells, rocks, and potentially shark teeth.

7. Be Patient and Systematic: Instead of randomly searching, pick a starting point and move methodically. This ensures you cover more ground effectively.

8. Get Low: Sometimes, getting closer to the ground level can help you spot the shape or shine of a tooth more easily.

9. Join a Group: Consider joining a guided shark tooth hunting tour or a local fossil club. Experienced members can offer invaluable tips and insights.

10. Preserve the Environment: Always fill in any holes you dig and avoid disturbing local wildlife. Respect the beach and its natural beauty.

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